Pet Preform Mould Manufacturing Defect Processing

When you see a few defective parts released from the Pet Preform Mould, you realize that you will have to stop production and find out what the problem is. This is a terrible feeling. Injection molding defects are certainly not uncommon, but they have not made them easier to handle – especially when QA waits, order queues, and delivery deadlines are imminent.
Injection defect
It may not be surprising that defects in finished molded parts are prone to occur when you think of the injection molding process. Molds need to be properly designed to benefit the actual process and serve it. Due to melting and curing temperatures, viscosity, hardness and many other factors, the right material must be chosen. This process requires proper calibration, the specific hold time and pressure depend on all of the above factors, and so on.
In summary, injection molding defects can be attributed to three root causes: product/mold design, material selection, and process calibration. There is some overlap between these issues depending on the specific problem and your solution. For example, sometimes time or money considerations mean that creating a completely new mold is not feasible, so the choice of materials and processes must be considered more strongly. At other times, it is more beneficial to build an absolutely correct model in the long run.
Let’s take a look at what defects you might encounter from these root causes and how to fix them:
1) mold or product design defects
Due to sub-optimal mold or product design, you may encounter two of the most common injection molding defects (meaning suitable for injection molding, not aesthetic or functional issues):
Cavity: Also known as a void or vacuum cavity. A hole sounds like: an unfilled empty gap in your part or product (sometimes even invisible). Cavities or voids pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of the finished part.
Streamline: These are color-changing stripes, indicating that molten plastic is difficult to flow through the mold at a uniform rate, resulting in irregularities.
product design
If you have been working in the injection molding field for a long time, you may hear such a spell: “Uniform wall thickness, uniform wall thickness, uniform wall thickness.” Wall thickness difference is the main reason for the design of injection molding defects. However, uniform wall thickness is not always absolutely critical.
If the part requires a different wall thickness, you can do this as long as you can gradually incorporate the thickness variation into the part design. Subtle changes in wall thickness help to ensure that the flow rate does not change drastically as the molten plastic material enters the mold. A uniform or gentle wall thickness also ensures a more uniform cooling time, which means that the cooling time in thicker areas is not much longer than in thin areas – this is the root cause of voids or voids.
The last design tip: Rounded corners also help to ensure uniform filling and flow of the cavity, helping to alleviate these problems. In addition to “even wall thickness”, be sure to remember “no sharp angles”.
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China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Use Plastic Additives

Even products such as plastic bottles for everyday household use, among others, additives, the use of additives in China Pet Bottle to better prevent cracking or breakage, and still function despite the occurrence of bumps and drops during normal use. . Stronger products will make customers happier, and then they will return to the company because of other needs.
An additive that makes plastic lighter. Just as additives can make plastics stronger, they can also be added to change another physical property: the weight of the finished plastic. In fact, many additives can make plastics stronger and lighter. In other cases, for example, mitigating the weight of one component or the entire product may make an item easier to handle or carry. Lighter plastic parts can even have a huge economic impact, greatly reducing the weight of cars and aircraft, thereby significantly improving fuel efficiency.
An additive that makes plastic safer. While most plastics are inherently safe, when it comes to their use in medicine and food, people ask bigger questions. If the polymer structure of the plastic occurs around a food, drug or medical component used in the human body, the destruction of the polymer structure of the plastic can have a serious negative impact. Stabilizing additives can be used to ensure that plastics remain safe and suitable for medical and food-grade applications, and that no part of plastic cosmetics will be combined with medicines or foods.

In fact, no additives, medical and food grade plastics are impossible. These additives ensure that chemicals or other pharmaceutical ingredients do not react with plastic containers or delivery methods such as needles, bags and tubes. They also keep food containers safe for transporting, storing, heating and cooling different types of food.
A plastic that makes plastics more environmentally friendly. The above increase in fuel efficiency is only the beginning. While plastics are often considered to be harmful to the environment – ​​whether during manufacturing or processing – plastic additives are creating some exciting breakthroughs and innovations that may cause certain plastics to become more environmentally friendly materials.
China Plastic Handle Manufacturers are already very skilled at the use of plastic additives, helping our products to be more convenient to store and more convenient to transport.

Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Is Worth Choosing

Improve the life and accuracy of Pet Preform Mould. To shorten the manufacturing cycle of molds, many companies need to solve technical problems, but in the process of using molds, there are often forms of chipping, deformation, wear and even failure. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the mold. Many methods for repairing molds, such as EDM, argon arc welding, laser welding, and brush plating.
Analyze the research to find out the cause of defects in the repaired plastic parts. Since the molding conditions are easy to change, the general practice is to change the molding conditions. When changing the molding conditions does not solve the problem, only the mold modification is considered.
Be careful with mold repairs and don’t act recklessly. The reason is that once the mold conditions change, there will be no major changes and recovery.
Argon arc welding repair
The gas-protected arc torch nozzle is welded using a continuous feed combustion arc between the wire and the workpiece as a heat source. Argon arc welding is a common method that can be used for most major metals, including carbon steel and alloy steel. For the welding of molten inert gas, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, zirconium and nickel alloys are widely used in mold repair welding due to their low price. However, welding heat affected areas and solder joint defects are currently in the field of precision mold repair. It has been gradually replaced by laser welding.
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Which Pet Preform Mould Equipment Do You Need?

When designing a Pet Preform Mould, which injection molding equipment you need, you have to participate in a complex task involving many different factors. You must constantly think about how the part will be used, how it will fit into other parts, and what loads it will withstand when in use. In addition, a complex theme is the process of manufacturing parts using plastic molds and injection molding equipment. The molten plastic enters the fill and is cooled in the mold to form the part, which needs to be done correctly the first time.
What injection molding equipment do you need to start injection molding correctly?
Injection machine
This type of machine, also known as a press, consists of a hopper, a heating device, and an injection head or a screw plunger.
The machine is rated in tonnage and calculates how much force the clamp can apply. The tonnage range of injection molding machines can range from less than 5 tons to 6,000 tons. Since each part is custom made, the tonnage required to secure the fixture with the appropriate force depends on the projected area of ​​the molded part, the material used, or the size of the part.
Buying a second-hand injection molding machine is an economical option that allows you to freely make the custom parts you need instead of buying them on the market. If you want to buy a used injection molding machine, make sure it has been thoroughly inspected and tested before delivery so that you will not lose production due to malfunction.
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Injection Molding Precision Pet Preform Mould

Plastic injection molding is a very effective method for making precision Pet Preform Mould. This is fast, saving you valuable production time. This is accurate, meaning you are wasting less material. This is the same, let you feel at ease, what you are asking for is what you will get – every time.
When you plan your project, it helps to have a basic understanding of plastic injection molding, its advantages and design limitations.
What is plastic injection molding?
Injection molding is a popular manufacturing process for making plastic parts by injecting a heated material into a specific mold. The mold is made from a specific design, giving the customer maximum flexibility and control of the final product. Although this method can be used for various metals and even glass, it is considered to be an efficient method for manufacturing custom injection molded plastics.
What are the advantages of custom injection molding plastics?
This process is usually the first choice for making a single plastic part. Almost any plastic part or part can be manufactured efficiently and precisely by injection molding – from medical equipment parts to parts used in manufacturing.
As mentioned above, the mold is custom made. This gives you a major advantage, that is, having parts that are tailored to your purpose. In addition, the use of custom molds reduces the risk of errors during the manufacturing process.
One of the biggest advantages of plastic injection molding is accuracy. The injection molding process is effective, consistent, and almost error-free. Of course, this comes down to the tools you use and the process of backing up it.
Design limit
Despite the wide range of applications for injection molding, please note that custom injection molded plastics are limited in design. For example, size is important. If the product is a complete part, the injection molding equipment can only perform work that meets the set parameters. Also, different designs and materials will limit how thin your product walls are.

Every job is unique, and Gianlian Molding is designed to make you as close to perfect as possible. Our staff can help you determine the specific size, thickness and design restrictions of China Pet Bottle according to your requirements, so please contact us immediately.