China Pet Bottle To Solve The Problem Of Demoulding

The injection of the Pet Preform is adhered to the mold, making demolding quite difficult. The reasons for this include:
1 Insufficient material for injection.
2 The injection pressure is too high, the residence pressure is too large, and the residence time is too long.
3 The melt temperature is too high.
4 The mold temperature is too low or too high.
5 draft design is incorrect.
6 The ejector device is not properly designed, the extrusion position is incorrect, and the number of ejector pins is too small.

And too small a pop-up force; the core has no air intake, resulting in a vacuum during the injection. Roughly shaped surface of the 7 cavity.
8 The amount of the release agent is insufficient or the spray is not correct.

1 Avoid excessive injection into the melt.
2 Reduce the injection pressure and residence pressure to shorten the residence time.
3 Reduce injection rate and barrel temperature to optimize nozzle, runner and gate size,

Avoid excessive melt heating during melt flow and filling, so that the melt temperature can be appropriately lowered.

4 Appropriately adjust the mold temperature, because at too high temperature, the plastic parts are easy to stick to the mold, and too low temperature will lead to large mold shrinkage and high mold release resistance during demolding.

5 Increase the draft depth while ensuring that the plastic parts in the mold remain in the correct mode.

6 According to the structural characteristics of the plastic parts, use appropriate pop-up methods and ejecting parts; carefully analyze the ejection resistance and its distribution, reasonably arrange the position and number of the ejector pins, reasonably select the cross-sectional size of the ejector pins; increase the ejection force; Plastic parts, such as containers with deep chambers and thin walls, should be fitted with air intakes on the core to avoid vacuum during the demolding process.

7 Increase the smoothness of the cavity surface. In the final stage of polishing the mold part, it should be polished along the direction of the plastic part.

8 Appropriately spray the release agent at a place where the mold release resistance is large, and appropriately increase the amount of the release agent.

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