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For those looking for a source of Pet Preform injection molds, one of the most common problems is “How much does it cost for plastic injection molds?” This is one of the most important issues because the actual mold is the largest of the previous production costs. expenditure. In other words, many factors determine the full cost. For any custom injection molding project, your injection molding machine should be able to give you the final price tag. Today, we will review the variables that may affect costs so that we can better understand the situation when making mold purchasing decisions.
Benefits of building molds in the US
Jilian Plastics has been engaged in this business for a long time. Many of our molds are not manufactured to meet tight tolerances because they do not have to be. In addition, molds made in other countries are made of lower quality steel or aluminum. Again, this can lead to quality problems and shorten the life of the mold. Most high-yield molds in this country use only the best stainless steel as the mold base and cavity. They use the latest technology in CNC machining and have experienced tool manufacturers who know how to make molds that meet the highest performance standards. When looking for a company, be sure to look for a Chinese manufacturer.
Compare quotes
Purchasing and purchasing managers have an unenviable task of getting quotes from several injection molds for each project. Depending on the input (according to drawings, prototypes or sample parts), the cost quotes may vary greatly. Designers should also consider all of these inputs and determine the best molding solution. They may redesign parts to maximize manufacturing efficiency and increase the number of parts that can be made per molding cycle. In general, molds made with tighter tolerances, more cavities, and longer production life take longer to manufacture and are more expensive in the upfront. Long-term cost savings can be achieved with high quality molds. These molds require less maintenance and longer service life than lower quality molds.
Variable that affects costs
Stainless steel mold core metal of Jilian mold: In order to shorten the production cycle, some mold manufacturers will use aluminum molds. If you don’t need a mold to work for a long time, this is a very reasonable choice. However, if a project requires molds for several years, the cost of aluminum molds may be higher in the long run.
The number of holes: This is very intuitive when you think about it. Fewer cavities in the mold require less processing work and time, resulting in lower final costs. A reputable, experienced mold will maximize the air pockets in the mold to maintain the highest levels of productivity. In general, most moldmakers recommend creating a mold for each part instead of creating a home mold. Home molds create different cavities for the various parts. Due to maintenance issues, they tend to produce inferior products with longer downtime.
Formwork: The case is considered as a case where all mold cavities, inserts, and parts are held together. The cost of the susceptor is estimated based on the size of the mold, the type of steel used to make the pedestal, and the customization required. Most formwork are available in standard sizes and further processed to meet specific project requirements.
Core/cavity machining: All molds must also be customized. Customization includes placement of cores, cavities, injectors, and cooling lines. The steel used in the tool also affects the cost. Hardened steel molds have the longest use time and higher processing costs. However, once completed, they have a long production life.
Part complexity: Just as the number of cavities plays a role in determining the cost of the mold, so is the complexity of the part. This includes the surface finish of the final part and the number of undercuts required. Parts that require tight tolerances also add to the complexity of the mold.
Turnkey injection molding machine
Some mold manufacturers also manufacture parts. This integration can help pay for mold manufacturing costs. Usually a full service, the turnkey mold manufacturer will subsidize part or all of the cost of the mold based on the full terms and values ​​of the manufacturing contract. They will amortize the cost of the mold so they can maintain profit margins while providing customers with the lowest possible cost per piece.
The cost of high-quality injection molds is undoubtedly a huge expense. However, precision precision molds made from the best available steel will last for years. The upfront costs must be calculated or amortized into the lifetime value of the project. Will these parts be produced for a few years or months? Does this project require a lot of parts? Do you need faster cycle times? If your answer to these questions is yes, then the initial investment in quality molds will reduce the cost per piece and ultimately save money over the long term.
Jilian Plastics hopes to be your first choice for China Pet Bottle manufacturers. We have many years of production experience and are a good choice for starting mold making.

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