The Test Of The Effectiveness Of Pet Preform Mold

After completing a set of Pet Preform, the next step is to test the effectiveness of the mold. This is the tryout. Then put into production, and maintenance of the mold in production, in order to make the mold in a better working state, let us get the most benefit?
When trying the mold, we need to pay attention to whether the opening and closing of the mold is smooth and whether the mold release is smooth. Secondly, pay attention to the position of the mold gate and the way of forming the glue. The size of the gate and the size of the cavity should be selected according to the appropriate pressure, speed and injection volume. When the mold is heated, carefully check for solids and then confirm the tie and vent. Please confirm the size and appearance of the quality of the person playing after the product.
During the mold production process, it is necessary to check the mold settings and safety devices so that the operator can understand the process and there may be problems. After the production is completed, the necessary measures must be taken for the lower mold or the spare machine and the mold.
The mold does not create time for mold mold maintenance. First check the mold and determine the repair method. For the removed parts, first check for obvious marks. After the repair parts are completed, the assembly is completed and condemned to confirm the action after the assembly of the mold. After each mold repair, we should carefully inspect and confirm the first batch of parts and obtain the approval of the quality engineer before starting production.
Jilian Plastic Mould is a responsible China Pet Bottle manufacturer. We will thoroughly test the products before the products are delivered, ensuring that you receive products that can be used smoothly and with guaranteed quality.

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