China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Face The World

As a well-known international market participant, Jilian Plastics continues to invest in new technologies for the production and processing of Pet Preform and bottles.
Most production techniques are designed indoors. Some of them are protected by patents and licenses. Considerable efforts have been made to further strengthen the technical leadership of the sector. Quality improvement and cost efficiency, such as lower energy consumption and less and less production waste, are at the heart of this.
All activities are aimed at the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine, as well as improvements in PET preforms and bottle processing.
Research and development also aims to improve production systems and develop new products and applications. Studies to improve the quality of PET barriers have led to the development of resmid, resmax, resox, ResiC and resblock.
Our R&D centers are constantly looking for ways to further improve quality, increase PET barriers, and optimize preforms and bottle designs. R&D work is carried out in our own laboratory or at the customer’s location. This provides a better understanding of the process in practice. Currently, Jilian Plastics is developing new eco-friendly barrier solutions: resilbar Eco, EcoBar and BioBar, which are part of the resilbar family, which will expand the range of current barrier products. Another development is an environmentally friendly material: elastic grinding.
As a China Pet Bottle manufacturer, we have established good relationships with customers in many other countries around the world and have a good reputation in the world market.

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