Jilian Mold Provides High Precision Pet Preform

Jilian Plastic Molding Co., Ltd. is a very professional manufacturer of Pet Preform molds in China; it is one of the most famous mold manufacturers. Based on our expertise and years of experience, we offer tailor-made project solutions and high quality preform mold services.
We have extensive experience in managing various preform molds, such as 28mm PCO molds, 28mm ROPP molds, 30mm PCO molds, 30mm ROPP molds, wide neck molds… multi-cavity molds, such as 16 chambers, 24 chambers 32 cavities, 48 ​​cavities… Now we are developing 128- and 144-cavity PCO 28 mm preform molds.
product design
We have a professional product design department consisting of 10 employees. We can design bottle preforms based on your samples. If you want to change the bottle preforms, we can modify them according to your suggestions. In addition, we also have the ability to design preforms based on your ideas.
After the designer completes the design, the product design manager will carefully review the preform design to ensure that the design meets the customer’s requirements.
The mold design of Jilian Plastics began with years of training and experience from mold makers. Our mold designers have the ability to operate Pro-E, UG, physical engineering and automotive CAD. We can provide customers with all the details of the bottle preforming mold. In addition, we can also provide you with the most professional pre-formed mold recommendations. After so many years of production, our company has formed mutual design and the delivery time is very short.
High precision is very important to make bottle preforms. Our formwork uses DIN 1.2311, the DME formwork standard uses HRC 32, and the high precision grinding machine has a tolerance of 0.015 mm. The core and cavity will be S136 or DIN 1.2316 stainless steel, HRC 45-52.
The neck will use DIN 1.2344 and HRC 42-55. All preform mold parts will use DIN 1.2344 in the DME metric size standard, with interchangeable and durable parts inserted in all moving areas.
All of our preform molds are machined on high precision machines, and Sodick’s precision guarantees that we produce high quality molds.
Hot runner
For a bottle preform mold, a high quality hot runner is very important. Our preform moulds use the Alone brand hot runners with German original heating elements for long-lasting heating. We have designed valves for preform molds for material sealing and good temperature control of multi-chamber preforms. By using our own brand hot runners, we ensure that the hot runners are well matched to the preform molds and provide you with a good hot runner system service.
Quality inspection
Jilian Plastics has a complete quality control team, especially before processing and shipping.
1. When we get the steel of the preform mold, our quality control department will carry out the inspection.
2. After each step of the preform mold, we will check the size of each sheet to see if it meets our high precision requirements.
3. During the assembly process, quality control will also be checked by inspection equipment.
4. All parts of the bottle preforming mold will be inspected prior to the test.
5. We will produce test report and mold size inspection report
6. Before shipment, we will inspect all parts of the preform mold, including water cooling, guide pins, steel hardness…
We are a high quality China Pet Bottle mold supplier; if you need to order the mold, please contact Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd.

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