China Pet Bottle Quality Is Reliable

As we all know, the use of plastic products in the world has increased significantly. Plastic products are widely used in any industry. As the demand for plastic products increases, so does the number of manufacturers in the injection molding industry. But how can you decide a good China Pet Bottle mold supplier? Here are some important questions, you have to ask the supplier. The first is the price. Don’t forget to ask the price of the supplier’s product. In addition, although determining the price of the product does not harm the quality of the product. The quality of the plastic is very important. In addition to quality, size and shape must also be taken into account. A well-known mold supplier will always work according to your needs and requirements.
The leading supplier, Jilian Plastics, offers different types of bottle moulds for different regions. This is China’s largest mold manufacturer, producing molds for many different applications, such as gas water, mineral water, juice bottle caps, cosmetics and so on. Customers can obtain different types of cover molds from this master mold manufacturer by size and cavity. The mold supplier offers 96 cavity cover molds, 48 ​​cavity cover molds and 64 cavity cover molds when considering the different cavity ranges available to the customer. Similar to these various cover mold options associated with different cavity sizes, cover molds also have different lengths, widths, weights, and thicknesses. The design of the cap mold includes a special range of tool specifications and a professional manufacturing method for China PK.
The cavity steel for the cap mould is the Stavaux S420, which is made of Swedish stainless steel. The core steel is DIN 1.2083 made in Germany and has been heat treated. Similarly, slides and strippers were prepared by ThyssenKrupp Germany by heat treatment using stainless steel. This qualified cover mold production company uses A / B / C steel to meet the needs of the cover mold manufacturing, which is a nickel-plated 718 steel. All parts in the mold project are associated with durable materials such as copper and graphite, which provide the cover mold with a strong and elastic feature. Therefore, users can use these Pet Preform molds to benefit from long-term use.

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