Two-Color Craft China Pet Bottle Mould

Two-color injection molding has been widely used in toothbrushes, cups, caps and other everyday products. The so-called two-color mold refers to two types of plastic materials in a two-color injection molding machine, then they will need to be molded twice, but only one mold is unloaded.

In the  two-color  Pet Preform injection molding process, the following issues should be considered:

Choice of two raw materials

Two-color mold injection molding usually uses different colors, but the same material or two different materials are used. At this point, we should consider the interaction of the two materials, the difference in shrinkage, processing parameters and other aspects. In general, the shrinkage of a two-color mold depends on the new material. Since the new material has tightened the contours of the plastic product, the secondary material does not shrink much. As for how to identify new and second materials, including many factors, such as the flow of raw materials and the shape of plastic products.

Gate position selection

Be cautious when choosing a two-color mold gate location. It is best to use underground gates for disposable products to facilitate demolding of products and runners. If the mold cannot use an underground gate, consider three plate molds and hot runner molds.

Two-color mold selection

Two-color molds always use rotary injection molds. The cavities and cavities of the rotary injection mold should have consistent dimensions and precision to allow for a good match. The ejector release mechanism on the two-color injection molding machine cannot be defeated, and the rotary ejector must be provided with a hydraulic ejector release mechanism.

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