Two-Color Craft China Pet Bottle Mould

Two-color injection molding has been widely used in toothbrushes, cups, caps and other everyday products. The so-called two-color mold refers to two types of plastic materials in a two-color injection molding machine, then they will need to be molded twice, but only one mold is unloaded.

In the  two-color  Pet Preform injection molding process, the following issues should be considered:

Choice of two raw materials

Two-color mold injection molding usually uses different colors, but the same material or two different materials are used. At this point, we should consider the interaction of the two materials, the difference in shrinkage, processing parameters and other aspects. In general, the shrinkage of a two-color mold depends on the new material. Since the new material has tightened the contours of the plastic product, the secondary material does not shrink much. As for how to identify new and second materials, including many factors, such as the flow of raw materials and the shape of plastic products.

Gate position selection

Be cautious when choosing a two-color mold gate location. It is best to use underground gates for disposable products to facilitate demolding of products and runners. If the mold cannot use an underground gate, consider three plate molds and hot runner molds.

Two-color mold selection

Two-color molds always use rotary injection molds. The cavities and cavities of the rotary injection mold should have consistent dimensions and precision to allow for a good match. The ejector release mechanism on the two-color injection molding machine cannot be defeated, and the rotary ejector must be provided with a hydraulic ejector release mechanism.

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Filling Problem Of Pet Preform Injection Molding

Why do Pet Preform sometimes have filling problems when injecting? This is a headache for injection molding machine suppliers and manufacturers. As a professional plastic injection mold specialist, Jilian Plastics has extensive experience in providing this plastic injection solution to its customers.
The product has no filled parts because the material does not fill the cavity when injecting. Plastics have high viscosity and low flow rates. Sometimes, problems caused by cavity imbalance injection. It states that when the material is not filled with cavities, it will cool. Our plastic injections are easy to see. Jilian Plastics is an experienced plastic injection manufacturer offering customers a wide range of plastic injection solutions.
As a problem, we recommend customers to use the following solutions:
1. The injection molding machine has insufficient capacity and the injection weight is not large enough. So we need to choose the right machine for the injection according to the weight and material of the product.
2. Injection pressure and material temperature are low. If we encounter such problems, you can increase the temperature of the barrel or mold and increase the injection pressure.
3. The injection speed also affects the plastic flow rate at the time of injection, and the material will remain in the mold for a longer cooling time. We can increase the injection speed appropriately so that the plastic fills the cavity before cooling.
4. The hot runner is so small.
5. The mold ventilation is not very good.
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Welcome To Choose Jilian Plastics To Make China Pet Bottle

In very basic terms,Pet Preform are overmolded by placing one plastic on top of the other. In most cases, this involves molding a soft elastomer onto a more rigid substrate, such as a two-piece toothbrush with a soft elastomer coated mold on the rigid polypropylene substrate to impart a “soft” feel.
This is usually very straightforward as long as you have good dimensional control of the substrate.
Recently we have an overmolding project that requires molding a softer hardness on a softer substrate. With the development of molded parts, the walls of the substrate are quite thick, which makes this even more interesting.
First, we found that the part size was too large, we checked the cavity, shrinkage, and processing parameters, but everything was in line with the specifications. We had to squat for a few minutes until we realized what was going on, the first mold (substrate) was actually compressed during the second molding process, when the mold was opened, the part was allowed to decompress and it grew Nearly 10%. We were able to compensate for this with different molding parameters and make the parts conform to the specifications, but it did take us a while.
The main reason for mentioning this is to help us keep thinking. Jilian mold has many years of experience in the injection China Pet Bottle molding. With a wealth of knowledge, we can solve many problems in the production process. . If you have a mold requirement, please feel free to contact us.