China Pet Bottle Partners Provide Perfect Follow-Up Service

If you are considering moving your Pet Preform business to a new injection mold supplier, be careful. Transferring molds to new plastic injection molding companies should be carefully considered and widely considered. If this program is large, it could mean the transfer of millions of parts. This is undoubtedly a challenging shift, but it can pay off in terms of service, terms and pricing. Here’s how to facilitate the transfer process.
Where to start: Change plastic injection molding company
Mold transfer requires a lot of planning, especially when they are quite large. Plan, communicate and expect unexpected things. Only aligned with plastic injection molding companies, these companies provide comprehensive disclosure and cooperation throughout the relationship.
Related parties
The transfer of molds to the new plastic injection molding company will involve receiving the mold company’s transfer project management team. This team consists of several professionals. The final decision is in the account manager. He coordinated and implemented his efforts. The account manager is also responsible for the budget. He has a thorough understanding of the goals of each group and helps deliver results on time.
The project manager is a team leader with extensive experience. He is well aware of the pulse of this project. The mold engineer evaluates the mold. He also produced the documentation necessary to achieve improvements to the highest quality end products. Process engineers ensure that the molds are processed in a timely manner. Quality engineers evaluate parts, fixtures, gauges, parts drawings, and more. He is also responsible for inspection reports and measurement instructions.
Transfer process
In the transfer process, you must store a large amount of inventory as a buffer. The process of moving to a new plastic injection molding company involves several stages. The transfer phase is as follows: The transfer begins with a detailed contractual agreement with the new plastic injection molding company. The partnership was subsequently established. On-site assessments are required to obtain metrics for mold production processes, materials, labor, and other relevant factors. Create a production plan. Safety transfer, equipment procurement, verification, and actual production have completed the transfer process.
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