Choose The Best Material For Your 5-Gallon Pet Preform

Choosing the best material plays a crucial role in every aspect of the 5-gallon Pet Preform injection molding process. There are thousands of different injection molded thermoplastics to choose from, and their performance varies widely. As plastics become more popular, they are being used in applications that are more than ever because they have good properties: strength, durability and resistance. This article will help guide you through the discovery of a material that will be the best match for your molded parts.
Requirements to keep in mind
The polymers you use play an important role in the final function and performance of your product. Your product may not work properly by choosing the wrong polymer. Flexible materials are not suitable for places where rigidity and strength are required. In addition, non-medical or non-food grade materials can pose real health hazards and risks if used for medical or food functions.
Part Appearance: When selecting materials, it is important to determine the final appearance, including surface texture, color requirements, and transparency.
Resistance: To what extent a part can protect itself from chemical and environmental characteristics.
Product life: The life expectancy of a part depends to a large extent on the materials used in the process.
Material properties: including part strength, stiffness, flexibility.
Different materials, different costs
Thermoplastics are divided into three categories by family and type; commodity materials, engineering materials, and specialty or high performance materials.
Commodity materials: These polymers are easy to process and inexpensive, so they are used in many everyday applications and mass-produced items such as packaging.
Engineering materials: more expensive than ordinary materials, but these polymers provide better strength and resistance to chemicals and environmental exposure.
Specialty/High Performance Materials: The highest cost compared to the other two categories. However, these polymers provide the highest strength, as well as chemical, heat and corrosion resistance.
heat and corrosion resistance.
The key is to understand the performance requirements that the part must meet. These requirements will guide Pet Bottle Mould designers, plastic injection molding manufacturers and material suppliers to recommend the most suitable polymer for their application. Finally, it is beneficial to work closely with the manufacturer from the outset to determine the best material for the next project. At Jilian Plastics, our team of injection molding professionals can help you make the right choice. Contact us today!

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