Injection Molding Pet Preform Mold Material Selection

The choice of materials for injection molded Pet Preform is also critical to the overall manufacturing process, production costs and profits. Tool steel is often cited as the standard material for injection molds, which is correct because of the high volume production of more than 100,000 pieces. In these cases, the strength and durability of the tool steel cannot be reconstructed with other materials. However, for small batches or even prototype production, other lower cost materials are fully available for the tool. Aluminum tools can provide reliable quality in quantities up to 100,000 and run very short times.
Jilian mold does not produce aluminum molds, and we do not recommend our customers to use inferior aluminum molds. We offer a prototype injection mold made of 718 tool steel for a 10K cycle. We also offer production molds made of S136 tool steel with a warranty of 500,000 times. Although this mold can produce more than one million parts.
Injection mold maintenance
Maintenance and Tools Regardless of the material you choose for your injection mold, proper maintenance is important to get the most value out of the mold. This means that the mold is regularly inspected and cleaned to remove any remaining substrate remaining, which will change the appearance and quality of the part and have sufficient volume. Make sure to use cleaning materials and cleaning processes that are suitable for the tool material.
Injection mold tool maintenance also includes non-cavity parts of the mold, such as vents, runners, gates, and the like. Materials can also accumulate in these areas, which can affect product flow and filling; and ultimately result in reduced part quality and more waste.
As you can see, the impact of tools on injection molded parts may be major. Choose a reliable China Plastic Handle Manufacturers to help you at every step. Knowing what to identify, making the right decisions, and keeping your molding tools running the way you want them to be, it’s worth your time and investment.

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