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Typically, plastic and plastic devices are equipped with the entire rotating mechanism. When disassembling the nozzle, screw and barrel of the screw injection molding machine, the position, original position and deflection angle of the injection molding seat of the screw should be unscrewed to avoid the axis of the cylindrical injection molding clamping device, so as to facilitate the disassembly of the screw and the injection molding machine barrel. And maintenance.
Pet Preform Mould disassembly of screw nozzle of injection molding machine
If the barrel is a trim, it should be heated to the melting temperature, high thermal stability of the polyolefin resin or special barrel cleaning material, and fully cleaned at high speed. As the residual molten material is discharged before entering the disassembly work, the residual material is always the nozzle part. It is completely drained, so the nozzle or cylinder head should be heated and the nozzle removed.
The screw nozzle of the injection molding machine is heated up, and it is loosened by tapping with a special hammer. The bolts should not be loosened. When loosening to 2 / 3, tap gently. After the internal gas is released, remove the nozzle.
The internal cleaning of the screw nozzle of the injection molding machine should be carried out at high temperatures to remove residual melt from the nozzle holes. The practice is to inject the release agent from the nozzle into the interior, that is, the inner walls of the material and material are separated from the inner wall of the material from the side of the nozzle thread, the material is separated from the inner wall, and the material is removed from the nozzle.
Maintenance of screw nozzle of injection molding machine
In the production, the nozzle is in contact with the mold positioning sleeve part. If one-side contact or poor contact occurs, the front part of the spherical shape R will be deformed, and the groove melt will escape, resulting in overflow nozzle, and the hole part will be deformed, so the material overflow should be Check and repair in time.
c. The integrity of the threaded portion of the nozzle and the side of the sealing surface of the machine should be checked regularly. If it is worn or corroded, it should be replaced in time.
Check the internal passage of the screw nozzle of the injection molding machine. The surface quality of the injection molded belt can be observed by injection molding, and the residual molten material discharged from the nozzle can accurately reproduce the flow passage in the nozzle. The residual amount and temperature distribution of the melt in the nozzle can be analyzed.
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