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With the rapid development of the plastics industry, the application of plastic bottle products in our daily life is expanding.
The increase in the use of plastic products has driven the development of injection molds.
Jilian mold can provide you with injection molds, especially Pet Preform injection molds.
Plastic injection molds are tools for producing plastic products.
The injection mold consists of several parts, including the cavity, core, template, partial ring, and hot runner system extension.
During the injection process, the plastic injection machine transfers the molten plastic into the mold cavity and then cools the final plastic discharged from the mold, which is the entire plastic injection molding.
The plastic injection mold structure varies with plastics and products.
But the infrastructure is the same. The mold consists of a casting system, a temperature system, and mold parts. The core and the cavity are in direct contact with the product, so the core and cavity are in high demand for production. The gating system is the runner.
Jilian Plastics specializes in the production of injection molds. We can supply you with various injection molds, such as various plastic bottles and cups for daily use. At the same time, we support your development projects in your new project. Give you some ideals and opinions.
If you have any questions about China Pet Bottle injection, please contact us.

Jilian Mold Mold Pet Bottle Mould Complete Solution

Jilian Plastic can provide a complete set of transparent container molds with multi-cavity molds of different sizes. Our plastic bottle capacity includes 100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml and larger capacities, such as 5-gallon Pet Preform. We can provide turnkey solutions for thin-walled container molding lines.
Transparent containers include two types, one is a single-use food package, usually a disposable product is a thin-walled container with a wall thickness between 0.4 and 0.6 mm. Jilian Mold manufactures 4 cavity 1L thin-walled container molds with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm, which can be run for 6 s per cycle with our 400-ton hybrid injection molding machine.
Another type of plastic container is not disposable. For small containers with or without sealing tape, the wall thickness is about 0.8 – 1 mm. Currently, we have produced a set of 7 different sizes and shapes of container molds, the lid of which is universal for some containers. In order to save space, the entire product can be stacked very well during transportation.
For all transparent container molds, in order to make the container look bright, good polishing is required. Usually we use din1. 2738, din1. 2344, S136 as the core and cavity insert. If the wall thickness of the container is thick, 718 h steel can be used to reduce the cost of the mold. We provide molds according to customer requirements.
Jilian Plastics provides technical support for the entire Pet Bottle Mould design and production line solution. Please feel free to contact us for more information on container molding lines. Thank you

Jilian Mold Is A Famous China Pet Bottle Manufacturer

Jilian Plastic Mould is a famous China Pet Bottle manufacturer.
We provide professional technical support and mold manufacturing services.
The helmet is a large range of industrial parts, we have manufacturing experience
Multi-cavity helmet mold, two-color helmet mold, sports helmet mold…
An important issue with a perfect helmet mold is:
1. For the product, power is very important.
They will be tested in 4 parts: visual field test, stability test, drawstring test, impact test.
So it requires the top areas to be very equal in thickness and make the parts very strong,
Usually the helmet material is HDPE. It can withstand a strong impact.
2. Cooperating with internal parts, usually the majority of industrial helmets.
There will be an internal support strip and the material is LDPE. Taking into account the comfort of human beings,
This belt does not allow flashing.
3. Regarding the mold, in order to obtain a good visual surface, we recommend using a hot runner mold.
Valves or point gates are a good choice.
In order to speed up the cycle of the mold, our engineers designed the helmet mold
Insert the matte into the helmet core side with very good cooling water.
Now the competition in the mold market is also very fierce. We choose Jilian molds, we have a variety of products for you to choose from, our new 5-gallon Pet Preform have received a lot of praise.

Jilian Mold Brings You China Pet Bottle Help

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional company that provides custom Pet Preform molds. We have many years of manufacturing experience in the field of plastic molds and are one of the best quality injection mold suppliers in China.
We are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive mold and forming solutions, including good mold design, precision molds, and technical support. If you are looking for an excellent Chinese injection mold manufacturer, I believe that Jilian mold will be your best choice.
As a professional injection mold manufacturer, we offer a variety of injection molds as follows:
Industrial injection molds, such as industrial waste bin molds, plastic tray molds, various crates molds, plastic toolbox molds, etc.
Household goods molds, such as plastic chairs and table molds, plastic hanger molds, storage container molds, plastic tableware molds, etc.
Packaging molds, such as plastic caps and sealing dies, PET preform dies, spray paint bucket dies, flip top cover dies, etc.
Other molds such as different types of tube molds, gas-assisted injection molds, PC injection molds, stacked molds, two-color or two-component molds, and the like.
With the continuous development of China Pet Bottle industry, Jilian Plastics is constantly upgrading its production technology, while
If you have some injection mold or injection molding problems that require our help, please feel free to contact me. We are happy to provide you with services.

China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Fully Meet Your Needs

The difference between over-die and two-color injection molds: Over-mold means that one part is first molded and then placed into another mold to become a new part.
Two-color includes independent two-color and mixed two-color: Independent two-color refers to two colors made on one machine, usually by moving the cover mold (by flipping the mold). A double mold requires two sets of Pet Preform molds, the same two sets of cavities and two different sets of lids. The two sets of formwork are interchangeable; mixing two colors requires only one set of molds and a dedicated plastic machine, which is an attachment to two separate nozzles and independently controls the injection parameters of each nozzle.
Mixed two-color injection molding process:
The main injection unit is mounted in the center of the fixed platen. The side injection device is mounted vertically on the mainframe at a certain oblique angle, which makes full use of the space without occupying a large floor space.
The main injection unit and the side injection unit can be separately controlled and produce mixed color products according to different requirements.
Various combinations of main injection unit and side injection unit of different specifications to meet customer needs and achieve sandwich injection molding of various materials
High-standard configuration of plastic injection molding machines.
Double cylinder balanced injection structure
Four-stage setting of injection speed, pressure and position
Three-stage setting of pressure-bearing material feeding speed, pressure, position
Injection position monitoring function
Injection position scale control
Screw cold start prevention function
There are three options for seating
Choosing Jilian Plastic Mould, we are an absolutely professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer, fully satisfying your needs.

China Pet Bottle Partners Provide Perfect Follow-Up Service

If you are considering moving your Pet Preform business to a new injection mold supplier, be careful. Transferring molds to new plastic injection molding companies should be carefully considered and widely considered. If this program is large, it could mean the transfer of millions of parts. This is undoubtedly a challenging shift, but it can pay off in terms of service, terms and pricing. Here’s how to facilitate the transfer process.
Where to start: Change plastic injection molding company
Mold transfer requires a lot of planning, especially when they are quite large. Plan, communicate and expect unexpected things. Only aligned with plastic injection molding companies, these companies provide comprehensive disclosure and cooperation throughout the relationship.
Related parties
The transfer of molds to the new plastic injection molding company will involve receiving the mold company’s transfer project management team. This team consists of several professionals. The final decision is in the account manager. He coordinated and implemented his efforts. The account manager is also responsible for the budget. He has a thorough understanding of the goals of each group and helps deliver results on time.
The project manager is a team leader with extensive experience. He is well aware of the pulse of this project. The mold engineer evaluates the mold. He also produced the documentation necessary to achieve improvements to the highest quality end products. Process engineers ensure that the molds are processed in a timely manner. Quality engineers evaluate parts, fixtures, gauges, parts drawings, and more. He is also responsible for inspection reports and measurement instructions.
Transfer process
In the transfer process, you must store a large amount of inventory as a buffer. The process of moving to a new plastic injection molding company involves several stages. The transfer phase is as follows: The transfer begins with a detailed contractual agreement with the new plastic injection molding company. The partnership was subsequently established. On-site assessments are required to obtain metrics for mold production processes, materials, labor, and other relevant factors. Create a production plan. Safety transfer, equipment procurement, verification, and actual production have completed the transfer process.
Choose a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer as your partner, Jilian mold is very worthy of your choice, choose us, you can avoid a lot of worries, we prepare all the work for you, but also bring you Perfect follow-up service.

China Plastic Cap Manufacturers Bring The Lowest Offer

No manufacturer operates in a vacuum. The path from CAD drawing or other planning to the finished product requires many steps, usually covering some or all of the world. From raw material procurement to finished product service, it is important to understand what happens at every stage of the Pet Preform manufacturing process. Several issues to consider:
Where does the raw material come from?
Are there global economic issues or seasonal factors that may affect the surface transport of intercontinental materials?
Where or how my raw materials are obtained, are there political or ethical issues? Will I have public relations problems due to problems in the chain three or four steps downstream?
What is the time consideration in the supply chain?
In general, is it more efficient to save time and resources locally?
Is my manufacturer completing the finishing service internally, or is it subcontracted? Do I know and be able to review any subcontractors I use?
Sometimes supply chain issues are not answered simply because they are not being asked. At other times, a manufacturer may be more intolerant of tolerance, which is a dangerous sign that you should be careful when working with a company. Knowing that any manufacturer is part of a large supply chain requires consideration of many variables, which is a good starting point for understanding what issues to ask and for taking steps to avoid any problems in the future.
Take the “price first” approach
Working with the lowest bidder is often an attractive offer, especially as a start-up, when capital premiums and production costs seem to be the easiest to reduce. However, it is important not to overlook the “total cost” of the product – more than the pre-production costs.
Ask yourself how the China Plastic Cap Manufacturers gives you the lowest price. Pay employees enough salary to satisfy them? Are you using the right channels to source quality materials? Can it produce your product to your exact specifications without having to cut corners to get your price quoted? After you ask yourself, if you still have problems, don’t be afraid to ask your potential manufacturer. It should be able to provide a satisfactory answer.

Pet Preform Mould Manufacturing Defect Processing

When you see a few defective parts released from the Pet Preform Mould, you realize that you will have to stop production and find out what the problem is. This is a terrible feeling. Injection molding defects are certainly not uncommon, but they have not made them easier to handle – especially when QA waits, order queues, and delivery deadlines are imminent.
Injection defect
It may not be surprising that defects in finished molded parts are prone to occur when you think of the injection molding process. Molds need to be properly designed to benefit the actual process and serve it. Due to melting and curing temperatures, viscosity, hardness and many other factors, the right material must be chosen. This process requires proper calibration, the specific hold time and pressure depend on all of the above factors, and so on.
In summary, injection molding defects can be attributed to three root causes: product/mold design, material selection, and process calibration. There is some overlap between these issues depending on the specific problem and your solution. For example, sometimes time or money considerations mean that creating a completely new mold is not feasible, so the choice of materials and processes must be considered more strongly. At other times, it is more beneficial to build an absolutely correct model in the long run.
Let’s take a look at what defects you might encounter from these root causes and how to fix them:
1) mold or product design defects
Due to sub-optimal mold or product design, you may encounter two of the most common injection molding defects (meaning suitable for injection molding, not aesthetic or functional issues):
Cavity: Also known as a void or vacuum cavity. A hole sounds like: an unfilled empty gap in your part or product (sometimes even invisible). Cavities or voids pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of the finished part.
Streamline: These are color-changing stripes, indicating that molten plastic is difficult to flow through the mold at a uniform rate, resulting in irregularities.
product design
If you have been working in the injection molding field for a long time, you may hear such a spell: “Uniform wall thickness, uniform wall thickness, uniform wall thickness.” Wall thickness difference is the main reason for the design of injection molding defects. However, uniform wall thickness is not always absolutely critical.
If the part requires a different wall thickness, you can do this as long as you can gradually incorporate the thickness variation into the part design. Subtle changes in wall thickness help to ensure that the flow rate does not change drastically as the molten plastic material enters the mold. A uniform or gentle wall thickness also ensures a more uniform cooling time, which means that the cooling time in thicker areas is not much longer than in thin areas – this is the root cause of voids or voids.
The last design tip: Rounded corners also help to ensure uniform filling and flow of the cavity, helping to alleviate these problems. In addition to “even wall thickness”, be sure to remember “no sharp angles”.
Finally, choose a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer, such as Jilian Mold, we have a wealth of experience in the production of molds, no matter what problems we encounter during the entire production process, we are able to be the fastest Find the solution within the time to deliver quality products on time.

China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Use Plastic Additives

Even products such as plastic bottles for everyday household use, among others, additives, the use of additives in China Pet Bottle to better prevent cracking or breakage, and still function despite the occurrence of bumps and drops during normal use. . Stronger products will make customers happier, and then they will return to the company because of other needs.
An additive that makes plastic lighter. Just as additives can make plastics stronger, they can also be added to change another physical property: the weight of the finished plastic. In fact, many additives can make plastics stronger and lighter. In other cases, for example, mitigating the weight of one component or the entire product may make an item easier to handle or carry. Lighter plastic parts can even have a huge economic impact, greatly reducing the weight of cars and aircraft, thereby significantly improving fuel efficiency.
An additive that makes plastic safer. While most plastics are inherently safe, when it comes to their use in medicine and food, people ask bigger questions. If the polymer structure of the plastic occurs around a food, drug or medical component used in the human body, the destruction of the polymer structure of the plastic can have a serious negative impact. Stabilizing additives can be used to ensure that plastics remain safe and suitable for medical and food-grade applications, and that no part of plastic cosmetics will be combined with medicines or foods.

In fact, no additives, medical and food grade plastics are impossible. These additives ensure that chemicals or other pharmaceutical ingredients do not react with plastic containers or delivery methods such as needles, bags and tubes. They also keep food containers safe for transporting, storing, heating and cooling different types of food.
A plastic that makes plastics more environmentally friendly. The above increase in fuel efficiency is only the beginning. While plastics are often considered to be harmful to the environment – ​​whether during manufacturing or processing – plastic additives are creating some exciting breakthroughs and innovations that may cause certain plastics to become more environmentally friendly materials.
China Plastic Handle Manufacturers are already very skilled at the use of plastic additives, helping our products to be more convenient to store and more convenient to transport.

Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Is Worth Choosing

Improve the life and accuracy of Pet Preform Mould. To shorten the manufacturing cycle of molds, many companies need to solve technical problems, but in the process of using molds, there are often forms of chipping, deformation, wear and even failure. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the mold. Many methods for repairing molds, such as EDM, argon arc welding, laser welding, and brush plating.
Analyze the research to find out the cause of defects in the repaired plastic parts. Since the molding conditions are easy to change, the general practice is to change the molding conditions. When changing the molding conditions does not solve the problem, only the mold modification is considered.
Be careful with mold repairs and don’t act recklessly. The reason is that once the mold conditions change, there will be no major changes and recovery.
Argon arc welding repair
The gas-protected arc torch nozzle is welded using a continuous feed combustion arc between the wire and the workpiece as a heat source. Argon arc welding is a common method that can be used for most major metals, including carbon steel and alloy steel. For the welding of molten inert gas, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, zirconium and nickel alloys are widely used in mold repair welding due to their low price. However, welding heat affected areas and solder joint defects are currently in the field of precision mold repair. It has been gradually replaced by laser welding.
Jilian Plastic Mould is a very professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer. We not only provide you with molds, but also solve the after-sales problems for you. It is a manufacturer worthy of your peace of mind.