Pet Preform Production Reduces Plastic Particle Waste

Plastic particles are not necessarily a problem that ordinary people often think about. But for Pet Preform manufacturers, this is an important aspect of their business. No pellets means no preforms, caps or bottles. Pellets are small pieces of raw plastic needed to make plastic packaging, and they come in many different colors. However, their size makes them difficult to handle – they are easily caught in cracks or behind the machine and stuck in the worker’s sole.
This is why it is important to take proactive measures to minimize the loss of pellets and there are plans to address this goal. Jilian Plastics also wants to take action to implement a plan for the factory and the factory to help them achieve zero pellet loss.
What measures can plants take to increase the loss rate of pellets? The best way to answer this question is to visit one of the factories that have implemented these measures.
Achieve zero pellet loss
For the implementation team, the first step in achieving zero-pellet loss is to inspect the factory in detail. Trying to achieve zero particle loss forces us to rediscover our factory, just as we spare no effort. During the inspection process, the team members identified and recorded the points at which the particles might have been lost, and then installed the first device.
The implementation of zero particle loss is accompanied by a number of technical and logistical changes – from custom vacuum cleaners to drainage systems that work like oil separators. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a special nozzle to make the particles easier to entangle. They now have their own workstations all over the factory – the easier it is to get a vacuum cleaner, the easier it is to vacuum quickly whenever a worker has time.
The utensils on and around the silo are examined with great care because the particles can visibly spill when the material is poured into the silo or the silo is emptied. The collection tray is placed under the dock, which means that the lost ball is contained in this space and can then be easily retrieved.
China Plastic Handle Manufacturers are also constantly striving to reduce the waste of plastic particles in the production of preforms, which also effectively saves the cost of product production.

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