China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Prefer Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is perhaps the most common process for making plastic products. Why do China Plastic Handle Manufacturers prefer this program to other companies? It has a wide range of features. It can be used to make parts with undercuts, springs, hinges, holes and threads. Whether the desired product needs to be solid, foamed, plated, hot stamped, textured, rigid, polished, colored or transparent, simple or complex, reinforced or filled, small or large, thick or thin, does not matter.
There are so many things you can do with injection molding, and we will show you how the magic in the factory happens.
Plastic injection molding process
Injection molding machines vary in size and shape. It has a desk-sized unit, even as big as a house! Even though the machines are actually different, all machines contain two systems: the injection system and the clamping system.
There are two types of injection systems: a common reciprocating screw and a two-stage screw. The components of the reciprocating screw system are a hopper, a reciprocating screw, a syringe, a hydraulic motor, and a syringe.
The injection system begins to work when the resin is placed in the hopper manually or under vacuum. The resin melts to its proper fluidity or viscosity. The molten plastic is rotated into the inside of the syringe by the rotation of the reciprocating screw driven by the hydraulic motor. The molten plastic is then towed to the nozzle portion of the syringe and then injected into the mold. After the plastic cools, the machine will eject the plastic and the cycle begins again.
Wonderful plastic
As mentioned earlier, the injection molding machine can manufacture almost any type of plastic article. Jilian Plastics uses injection molding to produce a wide range of Pet Preform molds and products that meet the needs of customers all over the world and have a certain position in the international market.

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