China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Create A Bright Future

Huangyan Jilian Plastic Mould is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and molding of plastic injection Pet Preform molds. We provide our customers with one-stop services including mold development, injection molding, painting, printing, assembly and packaging. We have the facilities and experience to bring your ideas from the original concept to the prototype and the final product, focusing on automotive components, electronic components, packaging components, medical equipment and consumer devices.
Our advantage is that we are very good at thermoplastic molds, thermosetting molds, prototypes, over-mold, mold molds and double injection molds. We have a series of injection machine tonnage presses, we can produce customized products according to customer requirements, in addition, we have Long-term partners offer us the most competitive price for paint, printing, assembly and packaging, saving you a lot of time and money.
Jilian Plastics focuses on precision and high quality molds/products at an unbeatable price. To achieve this goal, we have organized a team of great designers and project managers who are ready to solve any of your expertise and skills. difficult.
“Quality, low cost, high efficiency” is our goal. “Customer-centered” is our principle. “Employee-centered” is our way of maintaining competitiveness. “Environmental protection” is our responsibility. Jilian mold is ready to listen to you, join hands with our China Plastic Handle Manufacturers, let us create a bright future together!

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