China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Reduce Manufacturing Costs

For plastic processing, there are many aspects that can affect the price of your Pet Preform. Helping customers optimize their designs and reduce manufacturing costs is our daily work. We have seen many CAD models with unnecessary features, but add a lot of processing time and processing costs, so we want to share our experience in how to make plastic prototypes better and cheaper in China.
CNC prototype manufacturing
1. As many design features as possible will preferably occur in one direction, preferably in the first operation.
2. Minimize the number of operations so that the material does not have to be flipped over and over to process features from all angles.
3. Avoid unnecessary features such as deep and narrow grooves, undercuts, small raised text and patterns, 0.5 mm or even thinner walls.
4. The 3D surface adds cost because the ball end mill must track the trajectory 100 times to achieve a reasonable finish.
5. For the radius feature of the outer radius, the standard nominal size is used, so special tools do not require grinding.
6. Design the part to flip at a 90 degree angle.
7. Make sure they can be machined in one plane.
If you are a designer and are working on your plastic prototyping project, consider all of these factors, which really affect manufacturing costs and processing time. If you have any difficulties in continuing your project, you are welcome to contact Jilian Plastics, a reliable China Plastic Handle Manufacturers to bring you advice and solutions. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you.

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