Pet Preform Manufacturing Requires Flexibility

The key to making Pet Preform on demand is flexibility. At Jilian Plastics, our injection molding services are not only suitable for medium or high volume production, but also for rapid prototyping and small batch production. Depending on the amount and time you need, we recommend the best way to manufacture your tools at the lowest cost without compromising quality.
In a traditional injection molding model, the customer owns the mold. But we have taken a different approach as part of its on-demand philosophy. “We store tools and provide our customers with high-quality parts, and customers have access to parts, geometries and molds.” We never discuss or even mention customer projects, parts or molds without the customer’s consent.
This means customers can save on tool maintenance, storage and maintenance costs. The team will maintain the tool during the life of the mold. If the mold breaks, wears, or needs to be re-polished, we will repair it as long as the mold is still within the life guarantee.
There are two factors that make our rapid injection molding possible. First, soft tools made of steel and aluminum are easy to modify. Second, our team keeps all mold manufacturing inside.
Are you going on the next project and need a quick injection service? Choosing a reliable China Plastic Handle Manufacturers – Jilian mold, can save you more trouble, let you quickly enter the right track of mold production.

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