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One of the most common problems we receive from our customers is, “What is the cost of a Pet Preform mold?”? “Plastic mold manufacturing is the largest upfront cost of injection molding, and the price depends on several variables, from part complexity to the number of cavities. Today we will discuss these variables so that you can better understand the situation when buying plastic molds.
5 factors affecting the manufacturing cost of plastic molds
Number of Cavities – The number of cavities your mold contains is directly related to the cost of the mold. The greater the number of cavities, the more work and time the tools are required to make the mold. Limiting the number of cavities in the mold will reduce the initial manufacturing cost.
Part complexity – The complexity of the design is determined by a number of factors, including surface finish, tolerance requirements, fine detail, and the number of combined undercuts. Our experienced staff can help you determine the necessary conditions for part design to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary expenses without compromising part integrity.
Core metals – standard mold materials are steel and aluminum. Aluminum is easier to obtain, faster to manufacture, and has better heat transfer. However, steel molds last much longer than aluminum, which allows you to produce more parts from steel molds.
Mold base – The mold base holds all cavities, inserts and components together. The cost of the base depends on the size of the mold, the type of steel used, and the customization required. Most bases are standard sizes and are then machined to meet project specifications.
Core/Cavity Machining – All molds must be customized to place injectors, cavities, cooling lines, cores, and more. Aluminum molds are faster and less expensive to customize. Steel molds give you the highest up-front costs, but make up for this back-end cost by providing long production life.
Prototype casting provides quality and experience
For more than 50 years, Jilian Plastics has been a leader in the field China Plastic Handle Manufacturers. We are your one-stop shop for plastic mold making. The typical manufacturing time for our molds is four to eight weeks, depending on the complexity. Choose us to bring more convenience to your mold manufacturing road and provide more protection.

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