Reasonable Cost Of Pet Preform Injection

The cost calculation for Pet Preform injection involves many factors. Here, we discuss some of the main factors:
1. The size of the molded object.
2. Applicable cavity number.
3. The complexity of your character. , the number of parts required in the mold.
4. Die life.
5. Die steel and mold parts.
6. Facilities for manufacturing molds.
At the same time, we need to consider the following factors, although these factors have little impact:
7. The time frame for mold making.
8. Strictness of size.
9. Miscellaneous (runner type, eject mechanism, etc.). ) )
10. Injection material
11. Gloss/texture requirements.
Depending on where you want to make the mold, the cost can vary greatly. Now, choosing a  China Plastic Handle Manufacturers is the most cost-effective way to make your injection mold and get your injection molded parts.
Jilian Plastics is a one-stop manufacturing company in China. We provide rapid prototyping and mass production services to customers around the world. Injection molds and high pressure die casting are our core services, and our goal is to provide high quality parts at a lower price.

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