China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Open Your Mold Making Road

Plastic injection molding is a powder metallurgy process for making plastic parts. Although plastic injection molding uses powdered plastics, it is not processed like traditional powder plastics. The plastic powder used in plastic injection molding is 10 to 100 times smaller than the plastic powder used in the powder plastic process. In addition, the final product density of plastic injection molding is higher. Applications for plastic injection molded parts in China include surgical tools, Pet Preform and actuators, gun components, computer hard drives, and electrical connectors.
Plastic injection molding process
Plastic injection molding is a rapidly evolving manufacturing method that bridges the gap between technology upgrades and costs. The plastic injection molding process consists of five steps, mixing, injection molding, debonding, sintering, and part processing.
In the mixing step, the plastic powder selected in accordance with the strength and inherent ability of the plastic powder such as impact strength, high and low temperature characteristics, abrasion resistance, processing ability and hardness is usually mixed with a binder. By mixing the powder, the goal is to create a composite that has all the advantages and advantages of incorporating plastic while counteracting the individual disadvantages.
Once the powder is mixed, a “raw material” is produced. The material is injected into the injection molding in the same manner as plastic or rubber injection molding. Parts that appear from the injection molding stage are called “green” parts.
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