How To Choose China Plastic Cap Manufacturers

The main reason why so many US and European customers choose China Plastic Cap Manufacturers is because they are much cheaper to manufacture in China (lower than 35% or more). However, price shouldn’t be your only concern – you should also consider the following points to make sure that the company you choose will do it thoroughly when you make the mold.
Past customer reference
Quality of the tool steel used
Standards for their factories and equipment
Quality control and verification process
Experience – ideally, you want a company that really knows what they are doing
Capabilities – Can they handle the entire project internally or outsource some projects?
Can they provide appropriate services to international clients?
Injection molding
Plastic mold making skills
Injection molds vary in shape, complexity, and size, as do the parts they produce. In their simplest form, for use on the smallest injection molding machines, they can consist of two matching metals (core and cavity plates) in which the impression of the item to be molded is directly Cutting.
In a more complicated form, there will be means for spraying the molded part with undercut and a cooling passage for controlling the temperature.
There may be a slider on the part for the undercut feature, a loosening device for the threaded molding, and a portion of the mold may retain heat to provide an extension to the nozzle such that the runner and runner system maintain fluid. An electric heating device can be installed, and sometimes an air jet molded product can be used.
Therefore, the first step in the production of injection molds is to carefully design all parts of the mold, consider whether the part design has been optimized to suit injection molding, and integrate these concepts in mold manufacturing. This will then be proven and modified as necessary before being handed over to the mold production department.
The traditional material for making molds is steel. The cavity and core insert are cut into high quality tool steel blocks that can be hardened if necessary. The sprue bushings and guide pins and their bushings are made of very hard tool steel, as are the rams and other ejector units. The mold casing or cushion is made of softer mild steel.
In fact, all parts of the mold that do not need to withstand any frictional wear are preferably made of this steel to save on mold manufacturing costs. In addition, care must be taken when selecting steel to match the grade to the desired finish.
Due to the traditional use of steel, the grinding action based on the penetration of plastic into the Pet Preform mold quickly wears away the assumption of surface polish, and the molding machine accepts other materials at a very slow rate. This happens with thermoset materials and compression, and the transfer mold is almost always hardened and chromed.

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