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Plasticizing process of Pet Preform
Once the dried PET is delivered through the screw in the injection chamber. At this stage, the PET is heated to a temperature of about 285 and is in a lamination stage from solid (particles) to liquid.
Prior to entering the cochlea, the granules can be mixed with a specific amount of color in a premixer through a premixer to provide color according to customer requirements.
Injection molding.
The liquid PET is delivered by a rotating screw in the injection chamber to fill the entire cavity mounted on the mold. When the mold is closed, molten PET is injected into the cavity and, once contacted with the substrate, solidifies and forms.
The temperature of the cavity and the punch is cooled by a system that allows the PET to cure before it is discharged from the mold through the extractor system.
cool down
The curing process ends when the preform that is cooled by the preform is pushed out of the mold.
After the cooling cycle is completed, the preform is placed on a conveyor belt and placed in a suitable container called eight boxes.
Handling and storage
Eight boxes are received by an automated system consisting of three AGV shuttles and stored in a warehouse for shipment. This is a dynamic system that effectively ensures full compliance with the hygienic standards required during the retrofit process.
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