China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Solve The Problem Of Mold Sag

If the heat shrinkage (shrinkage) of the Pet Preform cannot be compensated in some areas, a sinking mark will appear during the cooling process. If the outer wall of the molded part is not sufficiently stable, the outer layer is pulled into the interior by the cooling stress due to insufficient cooling.
There are three basic situations:
Solidification is too slow
Effective holding time is too short
Keep the pressure transfer insufficient because the flow resistance in the mold is too high
For optimum pressure transfer, the molded part should be routed to the largest cross section. In order to avoid premature solidification of the gate and gate system, sufficient size is required.
Molded parts with recessed marks (thin wall gates)
Is the residual pad too small?
If yes, try:
(1) increase the metering stroke
(2) Check the check valve
Signs of sinking near the gate or thick-walled area?
If yes, try:
(1) Optimizing the holding time
(2) increase the drilling pressure (may be a short overfill)
(3) Change the mold wall temperature (-)
(4) change the melt temperature (-)
(5) change the injection rate (-)
Is the sink sign away from the gate or in the thin-walled area?
If yes, try:
(1) Optimizing the holding time
(2) increase the maintenance pressure (may be excessive packaging for a short time)
(3) change the injection rate ( + )
(4) change the melt temperature ( + )
(5) Change the mold wall temperature ( + )
Directly leave dents after demolding?
If yes, try:
(1) Check ventilation
(2) Check gate and gate size
(3) Check the particle condition
(4) Adjust mold temperature control
(5) Clear material accumulation
(6) Consider wall thickness/rib ratio
(7) adding a foaming agent
(8) use plastic with low shrinkage
If not, try increasing the cooling time
In the process of making molds, it will inevitably encounter many production problems, and you choose a reliable China Plastic Handle Manufacturers, which can quickly solve the problems in the mold making process, and also be more professional, let You have no worries at all.

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